Stio Pinedale Pants Review

Pinedale Pants Review

I can’t believe it is already the week of Thanksgiving! If you haven’t started your holiday shopping, I have a great clothing suggestion for the awesome woman in your life who likes to stay active.

I have been wearing the Pinedale Pants by Stio for the last few weeks and I am loving them. I even threw in some Ninja Warrior practice, yoga poses and tree climbing this weekend to show how easily you can move in them.


I learned about Stio clothing after our road trip this summer. The brand is based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming and they offer great clothing and shoes for women, men and children.

When I do a product review, I love to lay out the basics along with my pros and cons, so here is what you need to know.

Pinedale Pants Key Features:

-Fabric: Nylon, Polyester and Spandex Blend
-Hand and Thigh Pockets With Zippered Closure
-Style: Trim Fit
-Weight: 11 oz
-Color: Magnet
-Price: $149


-Soft, comfortable fabric with a great allowance for range of motion
-Lightweight, which is extremely important when you are backpacking
-Versatile style makes it easy to wear out and about with a long sweater or rock climbing; these pants can take you anywhere
-True to size


-A little long if you aren’t wearing tall boots (I’m 5′ 4″); I just roll them up
-A tad on the pricier side, but similar to other outdoor brands


So, I’m creating a new category for this last note since it could be a con for some, but a pro for another person. When I wear the Pinedale Pants, they fit and look like yoga pants in the back. I’m comfortable wearing them outside camping and hiking since I need pants that have a great range of motion. For me personally though, if I want to wear them out and about in public, I am going to wear a long sweater or long coat. The spandex in the pants makes it a great outdoor adventuring option though, which is why I fill like it should outweigh the yoga fit con for those who may not like the spandex.


If you are looking to grab a pair of the Pinedale Pants, make sure to sign up for Stio emails and get 10% off your first order. Plus, Stio is offering free shipping and free returns during the holidays.

The Pinedale Pants were provided for this review, but all opinions are my own.

Happy 1st Day Of Fall


Today is the first day of fall and I could not be happier! Bring on the apple pie candles, puffy jackets, cool weather hiking and bonfires.

Jake and I have been hiking almost every weekend, and I have so many more hikes planned for the fall! Our latest adventure was a 19.4 mile hike from Table Rock State Park to Sassafras Mountain and back. We definitely pushed ourselves, but being outside ALL DAY was wonderful.

sassafras mountain

I’ve lately developed an interest in “highpointing” and “peak bagging, ” which is one of the reasons we hiked to Sassafras Mountain (it’s the highest point in SC). I’m thinking Mt. Mitchell may be next on our highpointing list.

If you’ve never heard of highpointing, it is when you climb to the highest points in all 50 states within your lifetime. Peak bagging on the other hand is when you summit a group of mountains based on certain characteristics, like geography. The one I’m interested in completing is the South Beyond 6,000. If you are a highpointer or peak bagger, I’d love to hear about your experiences!

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful first day of fall, and didn’t contribute to Starbucks running out of Pumpkin Spice Lattes… Kidding! I had to end with a fall joke.

Happy Trails!

Life After The Appalachian Trail

Life After The AT

Well, this post is way over due, but I finally have the courage to write again. It has been almost two months since we left the Appalachian Trail and it has been nothing short of exciting, confusing, busy and fun.

I can still remember the day we left the AT like it was yesterday. I didn’t cry as we drove off, I just sat in the back of shuttle driver Gary Serra’s SUV and tried to stay calm.

For the people who know me personally, that is not my normal reaction to something so emotionally taxing. I can only say it was the Lord’s peace with me. He let me know I was doing the right thing.

Lately, I have been questioning whether I did the right thing , but thanks to Matt, a kind viewer, he reminded me that my hope and identity is in Jesus, not in finishing the Appalachian Trail. He encouraged me to continue with Hike and Tell posts, so here I am.

After we were dropped off in Blacksburg, Virginia, we spent a few hours with Jake’s family reminiscing and planning for our next adventure. Yes. I said another adventure.

I still had some time before I needed to be back at work, so we decided to close out our year of adventure with a US road trip! We only spent three days at home getting ready and we were off like a heard of wild turtles (Jake’s dad’s favorite saying).

We met up with all of our trail friends … Purple Mist, Optimist, Sunflower, Daniel Son, Burrito and Cupcake as we headed north to begin our trip. It had been weeks since we had seen them and it was such a treat to spend time with them again.

After visiting family in Maine, we headed west! No, we did not climb Katahdin or hike any sections of the trail, but we were able to see Katahdin in the distance on top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park.

We spent four weeks on the road and visited amazing US cities and landmarks. We explored Philadelphia, New York City, Martha’s Vineyard, Boston, Acadia National Park, Niagara Falls, Chicago, Mall of America, Mount Rushmore, Glacier National Park, Seattle, the Pacific Ocean, Redwood National Forest, San Francisco, Yosemite, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon!

It was an experience that we will remember forever, just like our experience on the Appalachian Trail. We learned a lot on both of our adventures, and one thing is for sure, the Lord puts the right people and places in life at the right time.

After our month on the road, we decided it was time to find a new home and to grow our roots in a new city. We still live in South Carolina (we decided it was the best state of them all), but we live a lot closer to the mountains in Greenville!

I can’t wait to start hiking again and to continue sharing with you life’s best adventures.

Appalachian Trail Days 89-92

Thank you to everyone who has watched our videos, we are truly blessed by our viewers and blog readers! This has been the hardest week for us, and sadly this is our last video.

We have enjoyed making our videos each week and we hope you enjoy this one. Stay tuned for more adventures from Hike and Tell!

Appalachian Trail Days 74-81

We hit some big Appalachian Trail landmarks this week… Dragon’s Tooth, McAfee Knob and Tinker Cliffs!

Appalachian Trail Days 57-65

We enjoyed two zero days with my family last weekend in a lovely cabin near the Grayson Highlands.

 After leaving Grayson, a shoe snafu turned the week into a bit of a bumpy ride, but Sandals’ family came to the rescue!

Appalachian Trail Days 51-56

Bears, bears, bears… We have seen 7 so far! One moment with a momma bear was a little, shall we say, slightly nerve wracking! Thankfully, we are safe and sound.

We hope you enjoy video #10!

Appalachian Trail Days 47-50

Follow along as we experience and explore Trail Days in Damascus, VA and as we continue north along the Appalachian Trail.

Also, I haven’t mentioned in a post yet, but we are over $1,000 raised for the Levine Children’s Hospital! Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far!

Appalachian Trail Days 42-46

Life on the Appalachian Trail gets more fun and interesting every day. Some days it rains, some days it’s sunny. Each day is different and meaningful in its own way. 

In our newest video, we enjoy our last days in North Carolina and venture into Tennessee. Two states down, twelve to go!