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Welcomel! Hike & Tell is a husband and wife hiking duo that loves the outdoors, backpacking, photography and creating videos. At Hike & Tell, you can find our blog, gear reviews, videos and other hiking advice.

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Happy Trails!

Jake & Rachel

9 thoughts on “About Hike & Tell

  1. Hi there! We met you in top of Pinnacle Mountain today. Your blog is great! I look forward to following you on your journey on the AT. After meeting you and feeling your wonderful positive energy I know you’ll have an amazing adventure. And thanks for the tip about the Table Rock Trail. We went out to the rocks and saw the sunset – it was lovely. Happy trails!
    Nicole + Daniel
    Durham, NC


    1. Hi Nicole!

      Thanks so much for checking out our blog and wanting to follow along! Glad you enjoyed the Table Rock Trail and I know that the sunset must have been amazing to see!

      Happy Trails!


  2. Hey! I want to donate but cannot figure out the who to donate to drop down box ( lm old). Bless y’all in your jouney and take many photos!! Enjoyed meeting you at the beach last summer! Back in the day l hiked a small portion of the trail and loved it. What a sweet tribute. Ma Martin to Emma, Kate, Mary, Sarah and Ada


    1. Hi Mrs. Martin!

      Thank you checking out our blog! I sent you an email for directions on donating.



  3. Jake and Rachel,

    We met you on the back porch of Mast General Store in Valle Crucis, NC. We immediately fell in love with your heart to make this adventure of a lifetime together as husband and wife. Our blog will be featuring your story tomorrow and we hope it will inspire other couples to take the leap and follow their dreams for a better tomorrow. May God richly bless you both on your journey.
    With love,
    Tom and Debi Walter


    1. Thank you so much for featuring us on you blog! God bless!


  4. Jake and Rachel,

    My husband and I found your You Tube videos and we just had to watch them ALL in one sitting; we were up past midnight!! Today after church, we visited your blog and are very inspired by your story (and videos). WONDERFUL Videos and Oh My Gosh, GORGEOUS PHOTOGRAPHY! Jake, you are very talented!

    My husband Bob (and my fourth son Thomas) are planning their AT Thur Hike in 2017. Bob is retiring and thinks it’s a great time to do a Thur Hike; I will be in a support role and meet up with them at points in their hiking adventure.

    My husband and I have sectioned hiked the AT with Boy Scouts several times. You two are past where we last were with Boy Scouts! You all are making GREAT PROGRESS!! We will be following your trek to Katahdin and can’t wait for the next update. We’ll keep you both in our daily prayers.

    Best wishes for continued trekking and good weather!! We are praying for you both! :o)

    Rosemary Wolfe



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