Appalachian Trail Days 57-65

We enjoyed two zero days with my family last weekend in a lovely cabin near the Grayson Highlands.

 After leaving Grayson, a shoe snafu turned the week into a bit of a bumpy ride, but Sandals’ family came to the rescue!

Appalachian Trail Days 51-56

Bears, bears, bears… We have seen 7 so far! One moment with a momma bear was a little, shall we say, slightly nerve wracking! Thankfully, we are safe and sound.

We hope you enjoy video #10!

Appalachian Trail Days 47-50

Follow along as we experience and explore Trail Days in Damascus, VA and as we continue north along the Appalachian Trail.

Also, I haven’t mentioned in a post yet, but we are over $1,000 raised for the Levine Children’s Hospital! Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far!

Appalachian Trail Days 42-46

Life on the Appalachian Trail gets more fun and interesting every day. Some days it rains, some days it’s sunny. Each day is different and meaningful in its own way. 

In our newest video, we enjoy our last days in North Carolina and venture into Tennessee. Two states down, twelve to go! 

Appalachian Trail Days 34-41

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there!

Last weekend we spent a wonderful two days in Hot Springs, NC and headed back on trail this past Monday. Hot Springs has been our favorite town so far and highly recommend the section from Max Patch to Hot Springs for a fun section hike. We are close to finishing North Carolina!

Appalachian Trail Thru Hike Days 21-24

We enjoyed two zero days at Fontana Village Lodge and have headed in to the Smokies. Here’s the latest happenings from this week.

Appalachian Trail Days 17-20

After a wonderful stay at the Nantahala Mountain Lodge, we hit our biggest mile day this past week to get to the NOC. Colds have been our latest battle, but we are staying positive and enjoying the great weather.

Appalachian Trail Days 13-16

We have made it to Franklin, NC and are enjoying another zero day. This past week we entered in to North Carolina and hit the 100 mile mark! We also met an incredible lady named Iron Will yesterday. She tells a little of her story towards the end of video and I think you will be as inspired as I was
talking to her.

Appalachian Trail Days 6-12

We are having a great time on trail, minus some shin splints, but we are so happy to be out here! Here is video #2!

Appalachian Trail Days 1-5

Here is our first video! Sorry the quality is not great. We have had a difficult time getting it to upload. Hope you enjoy!